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Gmail customer service Number 866-324-3042

Friday, October 28, 2016

Express yo'self with emoji in Smart Reply in Gmail

When someone emails you asking to schedule a meeting for business purpose, there's a good chance you're thinking, "Aw 💩 ." Or, when you get that 17th update on that current topic you stopped caring about 10 emails ago, you just wanna say 💤 . Or maybe your friend or family member just emailed you photos from Vegas, and you get inspired to stand up and 👏 . Whatever you want to say, emoji can say it in a better way (obvs). So we figured Google had take the deep neural network behind Smart Reply, and make it easier.

The result is emoji suggestions in addition to (or instead of) really boring in text answer. In Google’s testing, Google have also found that emoji can do a better job of plumbing the emotional depths of one's soul, so Gmail have optimistic that the update will encourage more open and honest email conversations in Gmail inbox.Contact  866-324-3042 for Gmail support

Looking ahead, Smart Reply will actually get better the more you use it, so you'll be able to strike just the right balance between written reply, and 😍 😱 🛀 🎉