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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Inbox by Gmail: find answers even faster

Emails can contain all sorts of important information–from your friend's new email address, to a flight confirmation number or a link to pay a restaurant bill. The challenge is, these bits of info are often buried inside larger conversations. Gmail Inbox includes a number of improvements to help you all find answers even faster.

 Answers at a glance
now when you're searching for a frequent flyer number or shipping status (for example), Inbox will show it at the top of “search results”–no more digging through individual mails to find what you're looking for.

Get addresses, mobile phone numbers, membership numbers, flights, events, bills, package tracking and more quickly.

Streamlined search results under any quick answers, you'll see a "Top results" section that orders emails by applicability. Below that is all the email results, ordered by date, but chances are you won't have to look here often.

Every second counts, so start saving time with Gmail Inbox, and spend it on what matters most for you. contact us 866-324-3042 for Instant Gmail Help