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Friday, June 3, 2016

Is your Gmail Account Safe?

If you are using a Gmail account, it may have come to your notice that there are phishing attempts which Google is trying to weed out. Such things approach with an email address of your known friend and in the email, when a user click to open the link, some kind of malicious website opens demanding your details. As you fill in, it just traps all your personal detail through it which is really malevolent. For all such issues, and nasty things, Google is working. Still if you need to entail the information, contact gmail customer service

To ensure the safety of the customers, Google is really pulling up the socks. Numbers of different ways have popped up as the spam and fishy emails have been increased. To avoid such difficulties, various preventive measures have been taken. Among those, here are some of the tighten things done on the Gmail:

Give a swirl of antivirus: In order to certify that the account is safe, user must download the antivirus in the system and in that way must run it on the computer. It will let user know whether any unwanted thing is happening in the system or not. Also, it will bring out all the bugs from the pc. 

Go for 2-step verification: It is a multiple locking system in which a customer will secure the system in a manner that without your permission, no one can have a glimpse of your account. This procedure involves your account password and the mobile phone where once the code is sent, then only one can login through any another system.

Secret password: Just don’t keep the simple name or any number which will need a single click to hack. One should maintain such a password that should be complicated to guess or one can judge. Make it a concoction of digits, numbers, as well as special characters. 

Granted account access: Make yourself double sure that no one have unnecessary password of your account. At times when we give the password to someone, they purposely start using your account in iniquitous manner which leads to harm. For that, change the settings of your account in a way that no one can access it.

 Rescind illegal way in: What websites are doing that the promotional ads are sent which needs your login and password. With the direct option of signing through Google takes in all the information from the account. Any website can have access to your account. So, user must not allow them and should revoke the access of those networking sites. 

Track your account: A user must keep a check on the account usage through tracking it. There will be an option of activity information which will assist in knowing about last logins. Even to know more about it, gmail help phone number is there for instant help.

Gmail customer service is accessible 24*7 so that user can come up with any difficulty. We are here to help you!