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Monday, April 25, 2016

How you sign in with 2-Step Verification?

Signing in with 2-Step Verification is easy.(Gmail customer service phone number 1-866-293-8400)
  1. Go to the sign-in web page and enter your email account username and password like you normally use.
  2. Then you’ll be asked for a six-digit verification code, which you'll get from your mobile phone. If you want, when you enter your verification code, you can choose to trust your computer -- this means you won't be asked for a code again when you log-in from this computer. If you log-in from another computer, however, you’ll be asked for a verification code.

  3. After you turn on 2-Step Verification, non-browser applications and devices that use your Google email Account (such as the Gmail app on your phone or Outlook), will be unable to connect to your Gmail account. However, in a few steps, you can generate a special Gmail account password called application-specific mail account password to allow this application to connect to your account -- and don't worry, you'll only have to do this once for each device or application.

Sign in with Security Key


Refer to this article for instructions on signing in with Security Key.