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Gmail customer service Number 866-324-3042

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gmail Account Recovery Walk-Through

This segment will give an outline of the procedure of Account Recovery for a few of the most well-known cases. This will give one some thought of what's in store experiencing the procedure. Yet, please take note of that Google continually rolls out improvements to the procedure or the individual pages so the pictures beneath might precisely coordinate what you see. It's a manual for the general procedure, not conclusive documentation. Gmail customer service number 1-866-293-8400

The overall flow of the walk-through will cover the following cases (click the link to jump to that topic):

·                     I don't know my password
o                  Get a verification code on my phone
o                  Confirm access to my recovery e-mail
o                  Verify your identity - The Account Recovery Form
·                     I don't know my username
o                  Forgot your username
·                     I'm having other problems signing in
·                     Special situations
o                  Two-step verification
o                  Google Apps accounts

All account access starts the same way, by going to the Gmail sign in page at: If you're trying to recover access to an account, you click the "Need help?"link at the bottom.

This starts the recovery process with the initial choices where you select the type of problem you are having.

The choice you make here starts you down one of several branches towards account recovery.

Another way to do the same basic task is to use this help article where you can select the particular account access problem you are having.  But note that several of the choices end up at the same location as the above "Need help?" link.

I don't know my password

If you have forgotten your password this is the path you will use. One example of how this could happen is if a browser is configured to automatically fill in the login details and for some reason the information is lost. This path may not work for a compromised account as hackers will often change the recovery details to try and prevent the original owner from regaining access to the account.  Enter your account name and click Continue

At this point it will probably show you your avatar, e-mail address, and perhaps your name to verify you are trying to recover the correct account.   It will also ask you for the last password you remember.

Depending on what recovery options were configured for the account you may see one of a couple options next for using a pre-configured phone or pre-configured e-mail address. 

If Google identifies a security issue, it may not offer some of the pre-configure recovery options which may require one to use the account recovery form (Verify your identity) described below.

Be aware that some recovery paths may require solving a Captcha verification before proceeding. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, so just enter the letters and click Continue.

Get a verification code on my phone

The option most preferred by Google is for them to send you a verification code to a pre-configured mobile device. When this option is selected a choice of receiving the code by SMS message or voice may be given. Make the selection and click Continue.

Do not leave the recovery process until you receive the code. The code will be received on the configured mobile device and should be entered on the next screen that will be presented.

Once the code is entered, the next screen will allow the creation of a new password for the account.

Confirm access to my recovery email

This option is perhaps the simplest as it just sends an e-mail to a pre-configured recovery e-mail address allowing one to reset the account password. Select the option and click Continue.

There will be a notification that a password reset was sent to your pre-configured recovery e-mail address.
When received, the e-mail will look similar to this.
·                     Click the enclosed link and follow the instructions to create a new password. 

Verify your identity - The Account Recovery Form

It's possible that none of the above options will work. Perhaps the settings were changed by a hacker who compromised the account. Perhaps they were never configured, or the information has gone out-of-date (the recovery address no longer exists or you have changed your mobile number). In this case, the final option is the Account Recovery Form which is accessed by the link at the bottom: "Verify your identity". Call 1 866 293 8400 for Gmail Help Phone number