Gmail customer service Number 1-866-324-3042

Gmail customer service Number 866-324-3042

Saturday, January 30, 2016

How to resolve email already exist issue?

If you see this message when you try to create or change your email account username, it's possible that you've already created a Gmail Account with that username. It's also possible that someone else accidentally entered your email account address when creating a Gmail Account, but was never able to verify e-mail ownership.Gmail customer service number 1-866-293-8400
Call 1 866 293 8400 for Gmail Customer service

How to Reclaim your Google Account,
Please follow these steps:-
1.     Visit the password-help page.
2.     Enter your user-name (your full Gmail address).
3.     Type the letters shown in the distorted picture into the related captcha field.
4.     Click Submit button. You'll receive a message at the address registered as your Gmail Account username. Follow the instructions in this message to reset the password.
After you've regained access to this Gmail account, you can either delete the email account, or change the user-name on the account to another valid Gmail account address. You'll then be able to change the e-mail address on your other account to this e-mail address.
To delete your Gmail Account, sign in on the Google Accounts homepage. Click the Edit link next to the 'My products' list. On this page, you can delete your Gmail account.
To change the email address you currently use to log-in to your Gmail Account, just follow these steps:
1.     Visit the Google Accounts webpage.
2.     Enter your username and account password, and click to Sign in button.
3.     Click the Edit link next to 'Email addresses.'
4.     Enter your new email account address and your current password.
5.     Now Click to the Save button.
You'll receive a verification message at your new email address. To complete the change, you'll need to click on the verification link. For security reason, you'll also get a confirmation e-mail at your old e-mail address.
If you're using Google email, it's not currently possible to change your user-name; however, you can change the alternate email account address associated with your Gmail account. To do so, sign in on the Google Accounts webpage, enter your preferred alternate Gmail address in the appropriate field, and click to the 'Save' Button.