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Friday, September 23, 2016

Gmail Offline: Troubleshoot or uninstall


·         If you close Google Chrome browser while you're online, synchronization will stop, so make sure you keep Chrome open if you want your changes to sync between online and offline.
·         If you’re working offline in Chrome and then you later access Google email from a different web browser or device, you won’t see the changes you made offline until Google email Offline syncs.
·         If you have any problem with Gmail Offline, you can erase all data associated with to start over. See directions below.

Delete offline data

1.     Type chrome://settings/cookies into your email address bar and click Enter.
2.     Click to search for
3.     Click to Delete all.
4.     Click done and close the web page.

Known email issues

·         Not all Gmail features are available for Google email Offline.
·         Single Log-on users may have issues logging in from "" As a workaround, Log in at your domain's standard log-in web page before opening Google email Offline.

How to uninstall Gmail Offline

1.     Remove offline data using the steps above if you haven’t already.
2.     Open a new tab in Chrome.
3.     Click Applications in the bookmarks bar near the top of the web page.
4.     Right click the Google email Offline email icon.
5.     Click to Remove from Chrome.
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