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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Say hello to a simpler, better, Google Plus

Google has rolling out a few updates to Google Plus that make it easier to focus on the features Google Apps customers tell t Google they find the most useful. There’s a new home stream to quickly browse through content, Communities that make it easy to safely share ideas and Collections that enable organizations to curate their own work and keep it in one easy-to-find place. 

The fully redesigned homestream is built to be fast and simple. The new Google design makes it easier to use whether you’re at your desk browsing through posts or sharing an update on the go from a smaller mobile (phone) device screen.

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Domain-restricted Communities are a popular way for organizations and share content and ideas amongst their teammates, with the peace of mind that they’ll stay private. We’ve already seen how a global fashion brand uses Communities to inspire conversation about their new products and branding among employees across the world and how a Japanese startup is keeping their staff up-to-date as they build a new vaccine.

Collections let you keep all your related content in one spot and make it easier to discover and browse. For example, earlier this year we dedicated a week on the Google for Work GPlus page to our awesome System Admins, in order to keep all that content together, we put it into a Collection. It’s a handy way to collate the posts, whether they’re showing off your new product or keeping your customers in the know about your Black Friday sales. 

For more information on the launch check out the Official Google Blog. Explore the new-look Google plus yourself on the web and on iOS and Android.