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Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to set up a recovery phone number or email address?

Losing access to your G-mail account, documents, and photos or any other data related to Google account can be frustrating. To make sure you can get back into your Gmail account quickly, easily, and securely in the future, add account password recovery options.

You don't have to provide a recovery e-mail address or personal mobile phone number, but having one makes it easier for you to regain access to your Gmail account if you forget your account password or are locked out.
Gmail Account Recovery Phone Number 1-888-318-1004

If you've lost access to your email account, you can try to regain access through Gmail Account recovery procedure.

Recovery phone

Add or edit a recovery phone number
  1. Log-in to My Gmail Account.
  2. In the "Personal info & privacy" section, select your personal information tab
  3. Choose recovery Phone. 
  4. If adding a phone number, click to Add Recovery Phone button.
    Or, if editing a phone number, select edit.
  5. Now follow the onscreen instructions.
Note: You must use a mobile phone number with text messaging turned on.
Ways you will use your mobile phone number.
You will use your recovery phone number only to ensure the security of your Gmail account. Here are some ways you will use it:
  • To challenge people if they try to get into your Gmail account without your permission.
  • To send you account verification code so you can get into your email account if you ever lose access
  • To provide an alternate way for you to verify that you own an email account.
  • To alert you to possible threats to your Gmail account's security (for example, when your password is changed)
Why mobile phones are more secure.
Your mobile phone is a more secure email account identification method than your recovery email address or a security question because, unlike the other two, you have physical possession of your phones.