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Gmail customer service Number 866-324-3042

Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm having issues downloading mail.

A couple of basic reasons can bring about inconvenience downloading mail with Gmail's IMAP highlight. On the off chance that you can't download mail, please take after this investigating agenda:
Call 1-888-318-1004 for Gmail Customer Service
       Are you ready to sign into the Gmail web interface?

Visit to sign into Gmail. In the event that you see a CAPTCHA (a security picture with misshaped letters), you'll have to sign in before you can empower IMAP access. In case you're bolted out of Gmail, please hold up one hour and log into Gmail once more.

       Have you empowered IMAP in Gmail?

Sign into the Gmail web interface. Open the 'Sending and POP/IMAP' tab on your "Settings" page, and design IMAP. Subsequent to empowering IMAP in Gmail, verify you snap 'Spare Changes' so Gmail can speak with your mail customer.

       Did you empower SSL for the IMAP server?

Verify SSL is dynamic for IMAP in your mail customer. For more data, please survey the design directions for your particular customer.

       Did you enter the right username and secret word?

Confirm that your username is spelled effectively, and that you've entered "" Also, we recommend you re-enter your secret key just to make sure it's right.

       Is your download taking quite a while?

Numerous desktop email customers will endeavor to download a constrained arrangement of data about each message in an envelope (headers or list). Others will endeavor to download the greater part of the messages in an organizer. Some will even endeavor to download the greater part of the messages in the greater part of the envelopes. In the event that you have a considerable measure of messages, this can take quite a while, and your IMAP customer won't not be usable until after it has completed this introductory sync with the server. Future synchronizes ought to be quicker.

Likewise, we suggest handicapping your customer's hostile to spam or garbage mail channels, as noted in our prescribed customer settings.

       Why is my mail customer slamming when I download messages?

Most desktop customers will perform ineffectively with extensive quantities of messages in an organizer, or may even crash. The number changes from customer to customer furthermore relies on upon your machine's execution and memory. This point of confinement can go from 20,000 messages to 100,000 messages. Considering Gmail's high amount for mail that can store well more than 100,000 instant messages, it's conceivable that your mail customer will encounter this issue, especially in preparing your '[Gmail]/All Mail' organizer. In the event that you have this numerous messages in your names, we prescribe doing some housework to tidy up your names in the Web interface. Keep in mind, the web interface shows checks of strings