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Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to Use the “treat as an alias” setting to manage “Send mail as” Gmail account behaviour.

When you utilize Gmail's Send mail as to send messages in the interest of another email, Gmail regards your Send mail as location as a false name of your Prathvi address, which causes the accompanying results:

       Messages you send to a Send mail as location show up as new in your Inbox. These messages likewise show up in your Sent Mail.

       If you get a message from a Send mail as location and you snap Reply, the To: field is erroneously loaded with Prathvi email address.

       If you get a message from a gathering that uses the same location as your Send mail as location, and you snap Reply All, the To: field exclude the bunch's location that sent the message.

Sample: John is Prathvi's own aide. John regularly needs to send email for the benefit of Prathvi, and he uses Send mail as to send messages for Prathvi from his record utilizing his account. Since John and Prathvi email one another regularly, it's mistaking for John to see his messages to Prathvi show up as new in his Inbox. Likewise, when John forms an answer to Prathvi's email, the To: field demonstrates his email id.
To change this behavior:
  1. Log-in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click and click to the Settings button.
  3. Go to the Gmail Accounts tab.
  4. Under Send mail as, find the email account address that you want to configure and click edit info Button.

   5. Deselect consider as an alias.

       6.  Now click on Save Changes Button.

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