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Friday, September 25, 2015

Best practices for sending mail to Gmail .

In case you're sending email to Gmail, you may need to guarantee that mail will be effectively arranged by the Gmail spam channel. Look at the segments underneath for tips on the most proficient method to upgrade Gmail's spam-separating abilities. 
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In case you're a mail server owner:

Possession and Filtering

We prescribe that you don't change the envelope sender when sending email to Gmail. In some cases, when sending email, the envelope sender gets changed to your space. At the point when this happens, Gmail may discover that your area is sending spam, and will treat different messages from this space as spam too.

Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing procmail for sending?

It would be ideal if you take note of that procmail is a standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons why the envelope sender gets changed when sending. Adding the accompanying to your config document will settle this issue:

SENDER=`formail - c - x Return-Path`


On the other hand, changing the envelope sender is alright on the off chance that you one of the accompanying:

       Put "SPAM" in the subject

       OR dispose of any spam messages and not forward them to Gmail by any means.

Spam Assassin is a free spam channel that can be utilized for recognizing spam outside of Gmail, and placing "SPAM" in the subject.


• Do not alter, uproot or mix message headers or adjust the message body. DKIM or Domain Keys marks will break if the body is adjusted, and all validation data will be lost.

• Common DKIM breakages incorporate adjusting the pantomime limits, hostile to infection or against spam projects altering the message's body, growing the message beneficiary utilizing LDAP, and re-encoding the message.

• Several exceptionally phished areas have requested that Gmail implement strict verification keeps an eye on their mail. These areas incorporate eBay, Paypal, and Google. In the event that your mail server alters the sent messages from these spaces, these messages will be stamped as phishing.

• One indication of this issue is that a messages from these areas sent through your mail server to Gmail will have an Authentication-Results header that demonstrate that DKIM did not pass, while messages sent straightforwardly to Gmail will have a passing mark.

In case you're not a mail server head, but rather utilize your mail supplier's sending administrations:

• We prescribe changing your sending settings to guarantee that spam is not sent to Gmail. In the event that you are not able to alter your sending settings, we prescribe reaching the overseer of your mail administration supplier for further guidelines.

• Go to your Mail settings and Accounts tab and include the location you are sending from to 'Send emails as'. This is another component from client demands, where Gmail will recognize that you sent from that record and assist forestall with displaying a phishing warning.