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Thursday, September 24, 2015

3 approaches to move email from different Account to Gmail.

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Changing to another Gmail address? Need to check your email from different records in Gmail? Look at the choices underneath to see which will work best for you.

What sort of messages would you like to get?  What kind of record would you like to import from?

Option 1: Import old messages and contacts from other record

In case you're changing from another email supplier to Gmail, this is a simple approach to get all your old messages and contacts imported into Gmail.

New messages are sent to your Gmail represent 30 days to give you an opportunity to inform your companions regarding your new address. In the event that you need to continue getting new messages from your old record sent to Gmail, take a stab at utilizing one of the alternatives underneath.

Figure out how to import your messages and contacts.

Option 2: Import old messages and get new messages from other record

Utilize this alternative If you're changing from an alternate Gmail address or on the off chance that you need to bring both old and new messages into your Gmail. Gmail will first import your old messages and after that keep on acquiring new messages sent to your other record. You can indicate 5 accounts.

To utilize this choice your other email supplier brings to the table POP3 access. Feel free to take a stab at setting up your record, however in the event that you get a mistake you may need to visit your other email supplier's help focus to check whether they bolster POP3. You can likewise take a stab at utilizing one of alternate alternatives on this page.

Your contacts won't be transported in consequently with this system, yet you can even now import contacts independently.

Figure out how to check email from your other record.

Option 3: Forward new messages from other record

On the off chance that you need to have new messages that are sent to your different location sent to Google email, you can set up auto-sending. Remember that not all email suppliers offer auto-sending.

       To forward messages from another G-mail Account, figure out how to set up programmed sending in Gmail. Remember that you ought to set up sending in your email Account you need to forward from, not the record you need to forward to.

       To forward email messages from another e-mail supplier, you'll need to change your settings in the other email Account, not in Google email. Visit your other email accounts to encourage focus to see whether programmed sending is accessible and how to set it