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Monday, September 7, 2015

How to get your Google email contacts onto your iPad.

A co-worker who's leaving the paper asked how he might save his address book to his iPad before his company e-mail account is deactivated.
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Our e-mail is hosted by Google, so this advice is for anyone with a Google email account.
There are several ways to save the Google contacts list, but the easiest is to export the full list of contacts as a vCard file (.vcf) that can be imported into many “e-mail” or address book apps.
Since my “co-worker” wants the addresses to live on her iPad, I think importing the email contacts to Apple's free iCloud service is perfect for this situation. All she'll need is a computer with an Internet connection.
First, sign into the Google email account and open the contacts list. You'll find the contacts in a small “drop-down” menu just above the "compose" button in the upper left corner.
In the Contacts window, choose the More button and choose Export.
You'll have some choices about the export.
You can export a single contact, a group of contacts (if you have any of your contacts groups already created) or all contacts.
Then you choose the format of the exported file.
Two of the three choices are to export a comma-separated file, which would work for importing to another Google email account or an Outlook account.
The last choice is a vCard format for Apple's Address Book or iCloud.
Choose to export all contacts in the vCard format and save the file to your PC.
Then go to iCloud official site and sign in to your Gmail account. Choose the Contacts icon and then click on the Setting (gear) icon in the lower left corner. Choose Import “v-Card” and then navigate to the place on your computer where you saved the exported vCard file.
Click OK button and wait for the contact list to build.
Now you've imported the Gmail contacts list to iCloud.
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