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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Inbox by Google email to Get Delete Button and Signature Support

Inbox by Google email, Google's email management app, garnered much interest last year with its redesigned and new looks and some quirky new features. Inbox by Gmail however arguably missed out on some basic features, such as a single delete button and a way to include predefined signatures. These complaints have been heard by the Google, and it will soon add the missing features to its email management app.
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The Inbox by Google email team confirmed that it is working on allowing predefined signatures and providing a delete button to Android Police's Artem Russakovskii on his Google+ post. Russakovskii was sharing why he had problems in getting along with Gmail Inbox by Gmail app, giving such as the missing 'mark an email unread' feature, labels, signatures, and no one-tap trash action. Inbox by Google email replied on the post saying, "We're working on both Signatures and Delete."

Apart from this, the team also commented about the missing 'mark as unread' feature, saying that the pin and snooze features in the email management app were designed to replace it.
In April, Google updated its Inbox by Google email app adding a new Web interface with the ability to set a custom Snooze time, and also added quick access to Contacts.
With the updated Inbox by Google email, users were able to set custom morning, afternoon and evening Snooze times along with existing Snooze options from when the app was launched last year. The custom Snooze feature was highly requested by its users since then.