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Thursday, August 20, 2015

New “Google” extension prevents users from reusing their email account password.

Google has launched a new Google Chrome add-on that stops users from recycling their Google account password on other sites.
The new account extension, Account Password Alert, will warn users whenever they are about to use their Google account password again on a site that is not a Google sign-in page. This is how the page will appear to be in the web:

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'Gmail Account Password Alert' is now available in the Chrome Web Store.
The extension is developed to prevent the users from email phishing attacks. Many users tend to fall for account phishing attacks that act as if to show them a Google log-in page that is meant to steal their Gmail account passwords. Also, using the same password over and over again, hijackers could gain access to virtually all of a user's online Gmail accounts through a single attack.
Although, two-step authentication prevents some of those hijacks and Google's Account Security Key secures users when preventing phishing but this tools is almost more about teaching users not to recycle their account passwords.
Google official announced: Google Apps for Work said that Google for Work admins has set this tool in way that they receive an alert when a user had become a victim of a phishing attack by fake web page. They can then prompt these Gmail users to reset their account passwords.
Google is open-sourcing this tool in order to enable developers to bring it to other browsers also.