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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is There Any Difference Between Gmail Account And Google Account?

To get accurate results and relevant information Google was established at the internet source in the year 1998. Afterwards, being in a limelight for several years, it has elevated into a company which has started offering multiple services to its users. Facilities which a website owner or a search user can get from Google are social networking, travel directions, advertising management and educational researches. You can also get financial and world trade information in just one click. However, to operate these services one has to make an email account i.e. Gmail. In case you are unable to make an account then you can take support from Gmail help number Canada.

Gmail service
Gmail is a free of cost service provided by the Google Company. You can store mails, sent emails and share documents all over the world without paying any money to the respective service provider. Many people take Gmail help number Canada support for Google account signup or its settings on their proxy settings. Where Gmail offers unlimited space for storing emails and allow you to modify themes, mail outlook in one move, on the other hand Google account is different. It is not an email account service. At Google portal you can save your personal information like, display image, contact details and secondary email accounts for entering into the social network. Google+ and Gmail contact number update is the service you must be aware of which is functional when you have a Google account. There is a very thin and lean difference between the Gmail and Google account and i.e. email services and document sharing. Hence, without signing up into Gmail account you can operate your Google account from smart phones, laptops or tablets anytime with the support of internet connectivity. 

Other services of Google
Besides Gmail, Google account gives access to Ad Words, Ad Sense, Google chrome etc. you can synchronize your Gmail customer service number and photos in your device with Google account to save the memories for lifetime.
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