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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Amazing Power of Gmail.

There is no doubt that Gmail is one of a powerful tool in the world. Google has provided solution to almost all business applications available today. The Gmail and Google play store offered by Gmail are the most used services today. Google buzz and Google wave has provided an amazing experience to its users.
If you don’t believe me about this, then here are few things which will clear your all doubts about Gmail.

1.   With the help of Gmail you can schedule your emails easily. Boomerang is amazing, undoubtedly. This is a perfect solution for those people who can’t handle email clutter.

2.   Do you about IFTTT? If yes, then you must be aware about its magic. Gmail allows you to save all your attachments to a Dropbox folder. You don’t have to search your inbox more, all is there in your Dropbox.

3.   It offers one inbox to check your all mails. It’s really a time saving web tool. The most efficient way to manage multiple email accounts is to combine them into one smart master inbox.  You can adjust the settings to reply to email addresses automatically.

4.   You can undo send as well with Gmail. There are so many way email can go downhill fast. Here's how to catch your mistakes and turn back time. 

5.   With Gmail you can easily organize your receipts automatically on a Google Docs spreadsheet.

6.   You can easily send an email note to yourself with a phone call. This is perfect for when brilliance strikes while you are on the go!

7.   Well, some people love the new inbox feature offered by Gmail or some people hate it. But if in case you don’t like the tabs, then you can eliminate it from your Gmail easily.

8.   Gmail tech support, how can I forget this amazing service offered by Gmail with Google recovery phone number, Google has really made our lives sorted. It’s really easy to solve all your problems related to Gmail by just giving one call on a Google recovery phone number to Gmail tech support team.

Do you believe me now? I hope, YES!
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