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Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to recover a compromised Google e-mail account?

If you’ve had any of the following issues, someone might have gotten into your Google email account without your knowledge:
·         Your contacts received suspicious emails from your email address
·         Contacts and/or mail messages are missing, and you’ve already tried the tips on our missing mails troubleshooter, such as searching your e-mail and checking your account settings.
·         You’ve gotten a warning about suspicious activity from your Last account log-in activity
Gmail customer service phone number 1-866-293-8400

Protection or account recovery.

You can still sign in to your account.
If you’re still able to log-in to your Gmail account, follow the steps in the security checklist to help protect your Google account in the future.

You can’t log-in to your account
If you are unable to log-in in to your account, someone might have changed your sign-in password. To get help signing in, fill out our account recovery form.

To view information about recent log-ins and other security-related actions for your Google account, visit the recent activity section of your Gmail Account Security page.