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Friday, September 11, 2015

Now You Can Create, share, and manage custom maps from G Drive.

If you’re planning your next event, mapping out the best route to visit your Personal clients, or sharing the best location of your food truck with fans, Google My Maps can make it easy to put your world on a custom map. Google have Started, now you can access your Maps right from Google Drive on your Apps account, so it’s even easier to create, find and share your custom maps through Google. Here are some examples:

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If you owns a food truck and every Thursday you decides your location based on your fan votes. You can creates a Form and posts it online on Google, gathers votes and can lay them all out on one map to find the most popular location.

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You can gearing up for your company’s annual conference. This year, with the help of Google Apps Script, you can created a Drive folder for each attendee with their tickets, event information and a custom map with event details and their hotel information.

John is the delivery coordinator for a multi-chain electronics store. He creates his Maps laying out the most efficient routes for all the deliveries. He drops each map into his team’s shared Google Drive folder, so each driver can access everything that they need, from maps to delivery lists, all in one place. Once John assigns routes, drivers can use any device to simply search the folder for the right map.

My Maps is also very helpful in the classroom to teach kids about explorer’s different things, and to plan out your weekend hike. Whatever your needs, Google My Maps—now accessible in Google Drive—makes getting things done that very easy. Visit us for Gmail Password Recovery.