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Monday, September 21, 2015

How you can enable Gmail Account recovery options?

 Enable your account recovery options, you will need to do the following: 
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  1. Click the (setting option) gear in the top right .
  2. Select Gmail Settings.
  3. Click email Accounts.
  4. Click “Change password recovery options” in the “Change-Gmail-account-settings” section.
You may be prompted to re-enter your Gmail password to help verify your account password and protect your Gmail account.
  1. Click to add a recovery email address/a mobile phone number if you don't have a recovery option already, or click Edit next button to your current recovery option to change it.
  2.  Now you have to Click Save to make your changes.
  3. Close the Gmail Account window using your browser's Close button if you don't want to sign-out of Gmail just yet.
How to use your existing Gmail account recovery options in the event you’re unable to sign-in to your Gmail account.
For all options, you will need follow the following steps:
  1. Now Visit password recovery web page.
  2. Enter your account username.
  3. Click to Submit button.
  4. If your email user-name is accepted, a CAPTCHA will appear (letters in a distorted picture), now you needs to be typed in the empty box below.
  5. Then “Click Submit” button.
  1. Choose the radio button which ask about your recovery email address ‘Email to *****@****.com.
  2. An e-mail from Gmail is automatically sent to your recovery “e-mail address”.
  3. Log into the Gmail account of your secondary e-mail address and follow the instructions provided in the email.
If you didn’t receive the verification e-mail send by Gmail in your inbox. You can check it on your spam folder.