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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Do You Know the Wide Range of Google Services?

 Whenever someone says Google, the listener most of the times will picture a bar to search for something with the Google logo on top of it. Thanks to its wide reaching and ever expanding universe, most of us as users have only explored the surface of Google features and facilities. With the starters comprising of Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube (yes, this one is also a feature of Google), Google Maps, and other related services, the users most of the time are already full of their appetite before the main course arrives.

Here we will be looking at some of the other Google customer services that have contributed to make Google, Google.

1.      Blogger- For all those people who have the tremendous urge to share their thoughts and knowledge, presenting you Google’s own blog publishing tool.

2.      Google AdSense- An easy way to make money where Google will place their ads on the user’s website.

3.      Google Alerts- Google’s own way to provide users with up to date information of their beloved fields of interest.

4.      Google Apps for Work- More of a software for the companies to share mails, store data and have a video business meeting.

5.      Google Books, Calendar, etc.- These more subject oriented search engines are made especially to have a better search results.

6.      Google Chrome- The always loved web browser of Google.

7.      Google Contacts- Your always secured contact list. A must to update for all the smartphone users (comes handy while switching phones).

8.      Google Keep- All those sudden burst of intelligence which needs to be filed in a memo or put down in notes, Google Keep is the way out for such people.

9.      Google Cultural Institute- An initiative to digitally preserve the cultural artifacts and materials for the coming future generation.

10.  Google Person Finder- An extraordinary effort to reconnect the lost people with their families during disasters and related events.

To know more about these Google customer services, one can go to or call at Google Customer Service number: 1-888-318-1004.