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Monday, July 6, 2015

Do You Know About Gmail Offline Feature?

Don’t have internet? No Problem Google has come up with a solution with its Gmail offline app! The app is designed to help you to read and manage your messages even when you don’t have an internet connection. Any sort of changes or updates you make will automatically be updated and synced when you come back online. 
Gmail Offline Features By Email Support Dycine Global

Work offline and get updated when back online
While you’re offline, you can do all the major stuff in Gmail, like archive, delete, compose, label and a lot more to your mails, and  get them automatically updated when back online. 

Get synced what you want
Gmail offline is designed to sync all the last seven days messages in the starred and drafts folder of your account, but not the trash or spam folders. 

You can change the amount of messages that has been synced in the following steps:
·         Go to the gmail offline app
·         Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.
·         In the download menu from the past from the drop down menu select either week, 2 weeks or month.
·         Click apply.

Do not close the Google chrome when online, otherwise the syncing will automatically stop. You will not be able to see the changes if you access your Gmail account on a different browser or PC, other than on which you were working offline on Chrome. If you still face any issue, you can call on gmail help phone number.

Your mails will sync in the google chrome browser’s storage place in the computer on which the app is installed. But that could be easily accessible to the ones who use your computer’s browser. So do not download this app on a public computer.

Turn on offline mail storage:
If you do not have the offline mail storage function enabled, then the computer would ask you each and every time, whether you want to enable the offline mail storage or not. If you don’t choose the function, then you can work on Gmail offline while being online also but no messages would be stored offline.

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