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Friday, July 31, 2015

Check your Gmail account for unusual activity.

Regularly review your Gmail account for unfamiliar or suspicious activity

Check your recent activity page on Gmail, you can see security-related actions you’ve taken for security of your account, like signing in to your Gmail Account, changing your account password, or adding a recovery e-mail address or phone number.
It's a good practice to review these all actions and take note of the time and location where they took place. If you notice anything suspicious activity -- for example, a log-in from a browser you've never used before, or a location you've never been to --- you should change your password to secure your email account. Find out more about suspicious email account activity.

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Check for missing or doubtful messages

If you are unable to find a large number of messages in your account, it may be a sign that your Gmail account was compromised. Find out how to find missing messages.
Additionally, if you notice unfamiliar messages sent from your Gmail account or are receiving unsolicited password recovery emails from other sites, your email account may be compromised.
·         Check your sent mail by clicking Sent e-Mail on the left side of your Gmail. (If you don't see Sent Mail, click the more drop-down menu at the bottom of your label list in the Gmail account.)
·         Check deleted messages by clicking Trash on the left side of your email. (If you don't see Trash, click the more drop-down menu at the bottom of your label list in the account.)

Check your contacts for errors

1.   Sign in to Gmail account.
2.   Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail account page and choose Contacts.
3.   If you don't see all of the contacts you expect to see, you can restore your Gmail contacts to an earlier time period.
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